Cornelia wrote: "I've lost 6.7kgs and are so greatfull,Thanx Elise,Conrad and the team for always encouraging us!" "50.5cms loss,yippee


I thoroughly enjoyed Weight Loss Challenge. I lost 8.3 kgs in 12 Weeks but the best part was going to Challenge every Monday night and being with other people that were going through exactly what you were. It was great to have support from the rest of the group and to have Coaches motivating you all the way.

There were moments where I almost gave up but I had a fantastic Coach that always made me push on and motivate me into trying harder.

I enjoyed the Challenge so much that I have been motivated into continuing with the next challenge.


I decided that this year, 2013, was the year that I was going to get rid of my excess weight!!! Joining the 12 week challenge was the perfect way to keep myself focussed and motivated - especially joining with 3 of my colleagues. I learned a lot about losing weight (and realised why I had not got it right in the past!!) I lost just over 7kg's - which was great - but for me, losing 42cm's was more "WOW" than the weight I lost! I was so proud of myself. I have still got plenty of weight and centimetres to lose - but I know that I can, and I will - because this is my year! ...and because nothing tastes as good as thin feels! 


Wow what a life changing experience

Conrad you ROCK you have changed my life ,my perception on nutrition and I am super excited that our paths have crossed 

I started the weightloss challenge purely becos I saw myself in a pic that really scared me (--) 

The challenge motivated me as I soon made friends wit awesome individuals that had the same goal as me 

Weekly weighins kept the adrenelin pumping but was all worth it 

I enjoyed the RIDE and lost 13 kgs along the way and 4 dress sizes AWESOME 

THE WEIGHTLOSS coaching TEAM you guys are inspirational THANK YOU 

Can't wait to Loose another 13 kgs 

And I hope u guys will see LESS of me next time (--)



I really enjoyed the weekly meetings, this was truly inspirational. I was part of the best group ever, we had lots of laughs.

I am now more focussed on what I eat, I have adapted to healthy eating and watching what I eat. Portions have become smaller.

Thank you to the coaches for always inspiring the team. I am looking forward to the next challenge.

Thank you Elise and Conrad.


Ek Moet eerlik se , Ons was Deel van Die BESTE Groep , dit was sooo Lekker om na Woensdae uit te sien , Dankie aan Elke Liewe Een vir Inspirasie , Motivering , al die Gelag en Lekker Tye saam ! 

Het Defnitief Baie Geleer by WLC , Porsies is Minder , Proteine is Meer en Water , Water , Water en elke Week se Klas het Mens iets Nuuts Geleer !! 

Geluk aan al die Wenners , maar ek Glo elkeen was ‘n Wenner op die Ou Einde , daar was defnitief “Less of us All” at The End !!!!! 

Ons Kan nie wag vir die Volgende WLC nie !!!! 

Hoop om bja meer Nuwe Gesigte te sien, dis regtig die Geld Werd en GREAT FUN !!!! 


Enjoyed the fun, informative and inter- active talks. Supportive and motivation from coaches and new made friends made the world of difference to reach the common goal. Protein and lots of water IS key to losing consistently. Planning helps with maintaining ones daily calorie intake even for the unforeseen function or "treat". Christina


have just weighed in with my  12 week challenge and can u believe I have lost 10.3kg in 7 weeks! Damn I am excited now to loose more, it has been so easy!


I have really only three short things to say about the weight loss challenge.

1. I was almost resigned to the thought that loss of weight was impossible in my case, considering I am on chronic treatment for auto-immune colon disease and as such I am on steroids (Prednisone) on a fulltime basis. The fact that with the challenge I lost weight and gained muscle mass told me that it is all in my hands and I can do something about the weight even though I am on steroids.

2. I have learned a lot about food and realised that one can still enjoy fulfilling meals as long as one watches what one was eating. I failed in many previous cases as the programmes were based on eating some of the things that one does not eat on a routine basis. I also learned that within well balanced calorie input and protein consumption one can basically eat – well almost anything.

3. Finally the way the challenge was run was extremely professional and the tolerance and encouragement, even when we regressed, is what spurred us on. One would have liked to lose more and yet when one was disappointed at the slow progress one was encouraged and it made a huge difference in the morale.

Thanks and I hope to join you again in the next challenge. I missed Monday as I was in East London and I am in Johannesburg now. The good thing is even here I am watching what I eat due to lessons learned there.


I started this 12 week challenge with a heavy heart and with lot of scepticism .After all , I've tried all the weight loss products on the market and been on almost all the diets flying around .However , to my amazement , not only have I lost 22.kgs in this WLC and came 2nd , but learnt many lessons .

I've learnt that my body is an amazing entity that requires far less food than what I've given it in the past .

That my body reacts better now with far less .

I've experienced renewed energy levels not existent in the last 10 years or more , much to my enjoyment.

My vision in life has changed and all facets in my life have improved and taken on a new dimension.

My zest for life has increased and I've adopted a new appreciation for my family and life as a whole .

My experience at the challenge :

These weekly meetings became a norm and also occasions I looked forward to with great excitement .

It became a place where different people met and shared a common mission /goal .

Here we shared ideas , recipes , ideas on exercise, tips and also learnt to motivate and inspire each other.

I've enoyed the competitive atmosphere inherent in such a exercise like this where losing is the main objective.

We learnt to continue even in difficult / trying times and be encouraged when even losing a few grams.

I've learnt to be a fighter ,taking the good with the bad , learning that weight loss is definitely a CHALLENGE.

I've built a good relationship and friendship with all the Coaches and benifited from their experience and confidence.

I've enjoyed travelling this journey with all the Weight loss challengers and was quite chuffed with the leadership and example of Conrad and his team.

For me personally , this has been a great experience and an AWESOME journey of discovery , not looking for the person I was in the past , but for the person I really want to be in my present and future.How great to be afforded the opportunity to live life to your full potential and capacity .

I've developed this desire to be a great husband , father and son , but also an individual that leads by example and that can encourage others to also make this LIFE CHANGING DECISION , not for now ,but forever .

After all ,IT IS A WAY OF LIFE.

Naasief Sandan


From Elsav Huysteen

Elise thank you for the encouragement! I so need it from everyone and I need to start getting kind to my self and this is why I decided to join the group. I have attempted many diets before, but am honest when I say that one needs love and encouragement from people who UNDERSTAND what weightloss entails, as it can be a very lonely, uphill road! What  I see at the class is that the coaches really care for our wellbeing and It is I think much appreciated! Being on this challenge means that I do not have to walk the road alone! Thank you for that and thank you to MYSELF for making this decision and saying – Yes, I CAN DO THIS!!!


Carmen Lucinda wrote: "thanks elise,you are such a great life coach to me, first time ever I am actually seeing results happen.Its been tough and hard but the end rewards are just great


Wendy Nel says

Dear Elise an d Conrad

Thanks for all the guidance and motivation. It was so kind of you!

What a Wonderful journey you took me along.

I achieved what I set out to overseas wearing loose fitting jeans..... and I DID!I will continue to lose more.

You are both inspiring people. Best wishes


This is a lifestyle for me and not just a diet that will end on 90days of the challenge, I already joined the next challenge and we are going to go strong. I found a lifestyle that I can maintain and I learned that even after a bad day just get back on the horse and carry on with your journey.

“And see less of you all next week”



Hi Conrad and the Weightloss Team! 

I saw on Facebook that my friend lost 12kg in 12 weeks with WLC and I had to do it! I was at an all time low about my weight when I started my challenge in Jan 2014. After 12 weeks of hard work and lots of motivation from our couches I lost 11.6 kg and 81.5 cm.

With the WLC its not some or other diet where you eat strange foods and starve yourself to death. It is a healthy way of living where you eat way more than normal but loose weight. It is a positive environment where you make new friends and where no one will ever judge you. Thank you again for showing me the right way to live and to never give up.

Kind regards,


When I started the challenge I was very sceptical because of all the diets I have done over the years.

Surprisingly enough this one was totally different as I soon discovered that it was not a diet but a very healthy way of living. I really enjoyed how we were encouraged throughout the 12weeks by our couches and the support from our fellow groupies was phenomenal. Because of this challenge I am now very committed to healthy eating and regular exercising. I’ve learned self-control and discipline are the key ingredient to the success of this journey. This experience has been amazing and life changing and that is why I am continuing with another challenge.


I was very skeptical when I joined as I have tried every diet and weight loss system I could find over the past 10 years with no success.
From week one I started loosing
Was never hungry as there is plenty to eat
Did not have to cook special meals as my family could eat the same food as me
Enjoyed the weekly weigh inn and discussions
Appreciated the great back up and support from the WLC team
I would recommend the Weightloss Challenge to anyone who wants to loose excess Kgs.

Trudie Martin


Wow! Im so very proud of myself...I joined the weightloss challenge 12 weeks ago I lost 10.6kilos nd 80.5 cm nd to crown it all I won the prize for the most cm lost Im delighted feel more energetic 90% of the backpain is gone I couldnt have taken a better decision to join this challenge nd with the support of my husband nd coach Elise! so if u want to join ask me ur independant distributor for more details nd watch the space with the next challenge! â€ª#‎bigsmile #says Esmerelda


Goeie More Elise

Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir die afgelope 12 weke, dit was wonderlik!!!!

Die manier wat ons as 'n groep elke week bymekaar kom, die whatsapp groep, alles - ek dink julle het 'n wenresep beet. Dit help baie om elke week te gaan weeg, want jy weet jy wil nie daardie skaal laat meer weeg nie, so jy hou maar by jou eetplan en hou vol vir die volle 12weke. 

Ek het 'n volle 10kg en 65cm verloor in net 12 wke, dit is great!!! Groot was my verrassing toe ek die prys wen vir die meeste cm's verloor. 

Baie dankie, julle is awesome.


Marinda Strauss 

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