+ Will I need to purchase special foods?

+ Will I need to weigh my food?

+ Am I required to use the Weight Loss Challenge eating plan?

+ How long are the sessions?

+ Is this program diabetic friendly?

+ Where we conduct these challenges?

+ Why do we want to do it?

+ Where are we based?

+ What happens during the Challenge?

+ Do I need to bring an eating plan

+ Does the eating plan exclude certain foods, e.g. no potatoes, wheat?

+ Does the eating plan include everyday foods?

+ Will the support group meeting be on the same day for the duration of the 12 weeks?

+ Who are we?

+ What is the duration of the meetings?

+ What happens if I am unable to make the meeting?

+ What do we intend to do?

+ Who we target?

+ When we conduct these sessions?

+ Will I get hungry on this program?

+ Are you affiliated to Slender Wonder or Weigh Less?

+ Is your eating plan healthy?

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